Becoming an affiliate with RDV Manga means you can earn money by just sharing our site. Our affiliate partners will all be given their own UNIQUE discount code that gives their friends/community 20% off on everything but will also give you 10€ by orders.

In the box asking for "Desired Coupon code" please put what you'd like your UNIQUE discount code to be and share it with your friends and followers.

Fill out the form & join our affiliate team by clicking HERE



When being a RDV Manga Ambassador, you will be evolving between levels. They depends on the amount of sales you make and will make you earn more.

1st level: From 1 to 100 sales. This gives you 10€ by every orders used with your code.

2nd level: From 101 to 200 sales. This gives you 15€  by every orders used with your code.

3+ levels: Every 100 sales, you will be granted by 1€  added to your bonus.

Ex: You are level 3 (with 250 sales) so you'll earn 16€  (15 + 1). Level 4 = 17€  (16 + 1) and so on.